Monday, May 16, 2016

Lost in the Green

The fog seems to have ran its course.
Away from shore.
Too far away to remember.
Lost amongst the waves of navy ships. Somewhere in the tropics...

Far from that place I once called home,
Now I run, head straight against the wind.

Swim against the tide.
No current will deny.
Like a sylvan tree left to wither,
Amist the white, icy snow on the top of a given mountain, on the day of a given cold winter...

But hope is not forgotten. Not yet frozen.

Her smile I still can see,
Eyes, though long and shadowy, still trigger a spark of glow...
Hidden behind that tired glance.

Despite the candles burnt with deadly memories,
Or the second calling for loss within the forthnight,
I confess that Death rambles all around.
A part of living, a part of being.

It trembles to no one.

But I dream her strong... I feel her strengthing.

We come... we go.
We travel... we rest.
We wait... we miss.

We hope, we dream.

What does not kill, strenghtens. What we love binds us.

Sand does not make a beach, but it lets the sandclock run its course.

Water does not make a fountain, but it makes the river drive its course.

Truth be told amongst the stars,
That we cannot see beyond the night.
That the moon does not always shine so bright.
And that the path is likely dark and alone.

But please...

Just remeber...

I'm there with you.

Thursday, April 03, 2014


And then I wondered about it all.
The land I was getting called to.
The magic of its journey.
The mystery to unveil.

Nights of Rainy Skies

The night oh this night
Remember the night.
The wind and the sky,
They tell me to hide.

But I hear no whisper,
I hear no right.
I run and I fight,

My window I keep open.
No covers, no lights.
Just a few ventured glimpses
Of signs of good night.

I see up the moumtain
I stare at the sea
Remember your wishes
Some day will come free.

Dance cold with the rain
Fly low with the wind
Slow never your pace
For haven this is.

Saturday, June 08, 2013


Past the desert tower of solitude I have began a path to a strange new land.

Each step counting towards a destination which origins remain a mystery to me.

My faithful hounds follow my lead. They keep up, they break the silence.

Together we walk.

A burning moon disencourages our efforts, starless skies have always been the toughest.

Maybe I should wait for the cover of darkness... the cool breeze followed by the chilled embrace of the night.

I'll figure this one out soon.

For too many miles lie still to be walked.

Lie still to be journeyed.

Wednesday, June 05, 2013

And Here We Are Expectations

Never did ever a rabbit thought:
What fun what fun to waiger on!

For I am far from plans and goals.
The mind, the mind,  what joy.

Expectations die.

What else can you do, but enter.
Sweet, umpredictable and truth.

You follow, rabbit, you follow. Seek no further - just light around the path.

New expectations rise.

Others need pass. Way past the fight, down, lostway bound, but safe.

Yes, forget you can always be found.
Recall those words. Recall those words.

Take my ink away, take my soul.
As blood fails drive me.

And words just verses arouse.
A way around of this to find.

You can always be found.
Let them be found.
I am already taken.
Already lost.